Safety Tips For When You Stay At A Hotel During Your Holiday

March 7, 2018 Off By Dolores Fowler

Whenever you travel, you need to ensure that you are safe even when you are staying in a smart hotel. In fact, there are some hotel safety tips that you need to consider to ensure that you are sufficiently prepared. These tips will help cover when you arrive at the hotel, when you check-in and once you are in the room.

Tips For When You Arrive

When you arrive at your hotel, you will generally be tired and will want to get to your room as soon as possible. However, you need to ensure that you always stay with your luggage. Keeping your luggage nearby while in the lobby is important because this is an opportune moment for thieves to take the bag without anyone batting an eyelid.

When you arrive, you should also ask if you can get a room that is not on the ground floor. Ground floor rooms are easier to break into and experts recommend staying between the third and sixth floors. These floors are too high for people to break into, but they are also low enough for any emergency vehicles to reach.

Tips For Check-In

Reputable hotels will not give out the names and room numbers of their guests, but it can happen. If you believe that your room number has been compromised such as it being announced out loud, you should ask for a new room. You never know who could be listening in the lobby and your room number is a matter of personal safety.

During check-in, you should never set your credit card on the counter because this is a great opportunity for thieves to get the numbers with a good camera. When you get your card back, you should also check that it is actually your card and not someone elses. You also need to check that it is not a fake card.

Tips For In The Room

When you reach your room, you should check that the lock is functioning correctly. You should also ensure that the room has a deadbolt which you keep locked when you are inside the room. If you feel that the door is not secure enough, you should use a door wedge particularly when you are sleeping or in the bathroom.

You should also have a flashlight or headlamp with you when you travel. This should be placed at the head of the bed where you will be able to easily reach it in an emergency. If there is an alarm or a blackout, you will be able to use the flashlight to navigate your way through the unfamiliar surroundings. Make sure that you are familiar with the floor plan of the hotel so that you can escape safely in the event of a fire. Do you want to know more about floor plans? Ask the hotel staff.

While in the room, you need to find the safe and ensure that you always lock it when you leave. You should place your electronics into the safe whenever you are not in the room. However, you should never leave your passport in the hotel safe because if it is cracked, your passport is a major personal safety threat.